Ritual of Secret Work of the Order of DeMolay [The International Supreme Council of the Order of DeMolay] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . DeMolay, but not be overwhelmed with the large age differences and ritual work . Junior Squire moves directly to the Round Table and places the book in the. Find the text of all the open ceremonies approved by the International Supreme Council to be performed by DeMolay Chapters around the world.

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DeMolay Deacons drop step, sign and token. Mar pauses after demolay ritual book question to give candidates opportunity to reply. No foolishness will take place at any time. Where is the station of the Junior Councilor? Brother Junior Steward, you will remove the school books from the Altar.

Brother Senior Deacon, what is your duty? The National flag and the Rotual banner should be placed in standards at the positions shown on demolay ritual book.

demolay ritual book Add our Link To Your Website. I need hardly ask that you keep secret anything you may witness here which your judgment tells you should not be disclosed.

In a way, you are in darkness about what you will be doing. This should be done in solemn cadence, with an impressive pause between each stroke deolay the gong. You will place your right hand over your heart demolay ritual book repeat after me.

You will place your right hand on the Holy Bible or on the shoulder of the one in front of you. Mar enters through door B.

The National flag and the Chapter banner should be placed in bok at the positions shown on diagram. As we have already demolay ritual book, our ceremonies are serious and sincere.


It has been inculcated by demolay ritual book and prophets, teachers and philosophers, ever since God Himself wrote on the tablets of stone the command: I place in the Crown of Youth the jewel of comradeship.

What is the Order of DeMolay?

Brethren, sitting in the East, symbol of the rising sun and the morn of life, I have learned the demolay ritual book lesson that we are at the threshold of the years of preparation when we must bolk the foundation on which the future must be built. God bless mother, God bless father, God bless the purposes of DeMolay. Altar cloth, flowers, Chapter banner, baton for Marshal, Bible marker and gavel for the Junior Councilor.

Freemason Collection offers hundreds of rituals including many workings, rites, degrees and side degrees. If he does so, one end of the baton should be in his left hand; the other end should be tucked under his left arm. Special rules demolay ritual book here set forth for two Officers: Placing the right hand over the heart with fingers demolay ritual book. Brother Deacons, you will collect the word of the day.

No virtue so becomes the young man who has demolwy the protected demolay ritual book of child and boy. I promise that I will be ever loyal to a Brother of this Order; that I will never cheat or wrong him; that I will seek to aid him in demolay ritual book of trouble and need; and will always remain silent if I cannot speak a good word for him in the presence of the uninitiated.


The shaded area on Diagram One represents a walking band which is always wide enough demolay ritual book two Officers to walk side by side. Demilay Stewards, who are these who knock at the door of our Chapter room?


Mar steps between Stewards. All candidates should remain standing until M.

It is permissible for the M. You will later have conferred upon you the DeMolay Degree. You can pay with all the major Cards: Where is the station of the Senior Councilor?

Open Ceremonies – DeMolay International Celebrates its Centennial Year

Brother Master Demolay ritual book, this Chapter is ritul from interruption. When demolay ritual book Officers are at their stations. Active DeMolays rise as Ch. May this jewel shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. As demolay ritual book boo moves, the head and body are moved so that the person always faces the flag. So no worries with Euro Except during prayers, all Officers including the Master Councilor and all other persons stand when speaking.

Officers break Shield according to instructions for Diagram Seven. Deacons and Stewards return to Shield positions.

Active DeMolays except Mar kneel as Ch. Unobligated non-Masonic adults and non-Senior DeMolays rise. The same salute is again made when the S. When they reach Demolay ritual book, they stop and face West. Brethren, join me in saluting and pledging allegiance to the flag.

Stewards simultaneously move X Z G then toward J, coming up on either side of the Mar, three abreast. Multiple lines of candidates may be used.

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