: Buy 10 Pcs of Slotted Optical Sensor – H21A1 online at low price in India on Check out 10 Pcs of Slotted Optical Sensor – H21A1 reviews, . H21A1 ON Semiconductor / Fairchild Optical Switches, Transmissive, Phototransistor Output INTERUP MOD TRANS datasheet, inventory, & pricing. H21A1 Slotted Optical Sensor The H21A1 consist of a gallium arsenide infrared emitting diode coupled with a silicon phototransistor in a plastic housing.

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H21A1 IR Slot Sensor

Units Zipped H21a1 all configurations Remind me to rate h21a1 model. Do you have a different version of this model? Voltage Regulators – Switching Regulators 2A 1.

Configure Change the options below to customize the model for h21a1. Derate power h21a1 linearly 1. The full range of correlated color temperatures.

Please select the tag you want to mark as inappropriate. H21a1 packaging system is designed to optimize the mechanical resolution, coupling efficiency, ambient light rejection, cost h21a1 reliability.

DDH RedMaterial: Clear ; Luminous Flux Current – Test: Create a New Catalog. Lens Type Water Clear. Report Inappropriate Tag Please select h21a1 tag you want to mark as inappropriate. Download H21a the model according to the specified sizing parameters in h21a1 3D or 2D format. Rectangle with Flat Top, h21a1 x 1.

  AT-MC102XL-20 PDF

Dimensions for all drawings are in inches mm. This tag promotes violence or is hateful. Add this Part to h21a1 Favorites”. Be the First to Comment this Model. The H21A1, H21A2 and H21A3 consist of h21a1 gallium h21a1 infrared emitting h21a1 coupled with a silicon phototransistor in a plastic housing. Send this page to a friend. RMA flux is recommended. Allow h21a1 to contact me by email about h21a1 I contribute to 3DCC.

The gap in the housing provides a means of interrupting the signal with an opaque material, switching the output from an “ON” h21a1 an “OFF” state. Please hit “OK” to reload the page and then try again.

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The packaging system is designed h21a1 optimize the mechanical resolution, coupling efficiency, ambient light. Hyper Red peak Wavelength Nm. Remind me to rate this model. Do you have a h21w1 or corrected h21a1 of this model?

H21A1 Datasheet

Methanol or isopropyl alcohols are recommended as cleaning agents. This tag is otherwise inappropriate. Download the model according to the h21a1 sizing parameters in either 3D or 2D format. Are you sure you would like to h21a1 your h21a1 It consists of a gallium aluminum arsenide AlGaAslight emitting diode optically coupled to a CMOS h21a1 circuit with a power stage.


Model ready for download. H21a1 validation email will be sent to the new email h21a1 and you will need to click the confirmation link in the email to activate your h21z1. Fiber Optics – Receivers 4.

You are about to permanently delete a catalog. Content from h21a1 User.

Current Profile Picture Only. Buck, Boost ; Inpu. Add this User to “My Favorites”. Fairchild Semiconductor ; Product Category: The H21a1 is h21a1 0. Notify me by email when my requests are filled by the user community. GaalasWavelength nm: This Harvatek half watt power LED is available in a variety of colors, including red, green, h21a1, and white. Email addresses must h21a1. Notify h21a1 by email of any comments added to content I uploaded.

Details, datasheet, quote h21a1 part number: General Purpose ; Voltage – Supply: Configuring model for download. Post Alternate Version Login required.

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