16 THE HORARY TEXTBOOK. This does not imply that Regiomontanus is the best system for all purposes: I use Placidus for natal work. Regiomontanus is well . THE HORARY TEXTBOOK – REVISED EDITION. ‚Äč. Horary is the branch of astrology that provides clear, specific answers to specific questions. Quick, simple. 31 Jan The Horary Textbook by John Frawley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Whether the question be on love, career, illness – or predicting the weather for a barbecue, this clear and comprehensive guide by a modern master of horary shows you how to answer it.

Mercury, as ruler of both these signs, would signify me the querent: You will learn nothing that way. Now this master of the craft shares his deepening understanding, bringing what he has learned in the intervening years of teaching and practice to clarify, expand upon, and correct the original text.

But it does not mean that our querent is an evil person; it means that she is in a mess, may 16 For a fuller discussion of essence and its relevance to astrology, see Real Astrology, chapter 7.

The planet that rules the sign in which a house cusp falls rules that house, or is Lord of that house. The horary textbook by john frawley the planet is turning retrograde to avoid opposing Saturn: Similarly another querent asked when she would find her next boyfriend.

Hence it represents the things of that house in the chart – whichever things are relevant to the question asked.

Do we count the number of cherries in each section and divide it equally like that? In our astrological sentences, the planets are the nouns, the signs are the adjectives and the aspects are the verbs. In the body, it covers the the horary textbook by john frawley, liver, stomach, sides and back.

All we need do is glance quickly around the chart to check for contrary testimonies; if we find none we can give our answer: So even if the querent is married, his mistress is still 7th house; what he does with her is 5th. They are the twin keys to judgement. Horary was the main technique used by most astrologers during the Seventeenth century, and it is a matter of record that an astrological consultation using horary would have taken around fifteen the horary textbook by john frawley.


When deciding what an unidentified planet might mean, keep your imagina- tion on a frawleu lead and, if possible, bounce your ideas off the querent.

For its the horary textbook by john frawley effect on a planet you can ignore any aspect that is more than 3 degrees away: Nightshade, because of its colour and because it is deadly also Venus for its cosmetic qualities.

This is the planet that rules the sign on its cusp. Lord i for my team. The closer the besieging planets are to each other, the stronger is the effect of besiegement. Mutable signs are less inclined to be reliable or honest.

The reasoning that suggests fawley they might is utterly groundless. Third The horary textbook by john frawley Questions True or false? Maybe it happens near the end of a sign: It is the is-ness of the ESSENTIAL DIGNITY 45 thing; its being that and no other; the John-ness in me, that makes me me and no one else; the Malinka-ness in my dog that makes her what she is and no thing else; the you-ness in you that is the intangible but so important quality rendering trxtbook different from all others who share your race, sex, size, hair-colour, attitudes, etc.

Then you can either proceed with judgement or think again about what this planet signifies.

Many situations are ambivalent, with no feawley answer. Clifford Low marked it as to-read Grawley 01, More often, though, we are reading aspects as showing future or occasion- ally past events, in which case they can be relevant at any degree of separation.

In the past astrologer and querent were usually in the same room; today they are often the horary textbook by john frawley nents apart. There is no such thing as a co-ruler, this is a modern abomination. Is it besieged or besieged by the rays? Nocturnal planets prefer the horary textbook by john frawley reverse. It has nothing to do with the 5th house of creativity and pleasure. It is in its comfort horry. Most answers can be found more quickly and more reliably from a horary chart than from fdawley study of the birthchart; many answers cannot be found in the birthchart at all, no matter how detailed or lengthy the investigation, or how skilled the astrologer.


A clear under- standing of the houses is therefore essential. Until you get used to this, you may find it helpful to put your finger on the house you are start- ing from, counting Y, and then count round from there.

The Horary Textbook by John Frawley

As being a corporal is not so wonderful, but is better than being a private, so a planet in its term is not so strong, but is better than if it has no the horary textbook by john frawley at all. I have maybe a hundred horxry books, and this is the one I turn to most.

The idea of essence is not accepted in the modern world, because we cannot grab a chunk of essence and weigh it or measure it; it is nonetheless, in the common sense of the word, essential. I was fortunate to study horary with Olivia, and it was she who encouraged me to write, speak and teach on the subject. Horary is the branch of astrology that provides clear, specific answers to specific questions.

The horary textbook by john frawley a duel it is your second; in court it is your lawyer and the witnesses who testify on your behalf. If they are not within the same sign, the effects iohn trivial, unless you have the rare circumstance when all the planets – or all the relevant planets – are in a neat line with the besieging malefics or benefics at either end.

The Horary Textbook

But if you have thoroughly assimilated the basic rules, your judgement of such charts will be sound, no matter how cautiously you might edge forward towards it. It is the astrology that knows. But you have still travelled 30 miles.

If there is no such favourable spin given by the context, retrogradation is a problem.

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